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“MAXMECH” Machined Sand Making Plant

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Salient Features

“MAXMECH” Machined Sand making plant is a unique production of our company.

This plant is meant for production of machined (Artificial) sand ranging from 30TPH to 200 TPH capacities. The unique features of this plant is that it is produce dry type air washing sand plant which produce sand with dust free technology by using cyclone dust collector and Bag house filter. The given below 150 microns are collected in this bag house and can be used in other purpose (Paint Industry).

In this plant the pollution control is maintained due to the application of dust amazing technology and ultimate product of sand will be above 150 micron up to 4.75 mm.

In this plant on the sand is manufactured from stone the unwanted impurities Silt, Silica and impurities below 150 micron do not prevailing, hence no need for water washing.




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