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Concrete Boom Pump

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Technical Specification

Boom Specification
Model: KCP37ZX5170
Boom Type RZ
Boom Arm 5
Vertical Reach 36.34 M
Horizontal Reach 32.07 M
Reach From Front Of Truck 28.94
Unfolding Height 7.3 M
Section Articulation 92⁰/180⁰/225⁰/180⁰/245⁰
Rotation 370⁰
Delivery Line 125 mm
Proportional Boom Yes
End Hose Length(Double Ended) 3 M
Outrigger spread-front 5.64 M
Outrigger spread-rear 6.28 M
Max. Outrigger Weight 17,500 kg
Pump Specification
Model: KCP37ZX5170
Maximum Output(Indian Condition) 120 m³/h
Maximum Output(International Condition) 150+ m³/h
Concrete Cylinder(Hard Steel Crome Coated) 230 Ǿ
Concrete Pressure 63 bar
Stroke Length 1800 mm
No. Of Stroke(Ideal) 34
Hydraulic Oil Collar Drive Hydraulic Type
Radio Remote & Wire Remote (HBC)
Company Supply
1 + 1 = 2 Remote
Extra Diesel Tank Rear Outrigger
Hopper Capacity 0.6 m³
Boom Check Valve& Block Hawa
S-tube 2018
Hydraulic Pump Rexroth 260cc
Cycling System Hydraulic With Manual Overrides
Electrical Function Type Relay And Fuse Type
Agitator Motor Hydraulic Pump (2 Pump) 18cc
Agitator Motor 2
Boom Pipe ST52 Harden 4.5mm
Deck Pipe ST52 Harden 7mm
Stroke Change Type HCV Valve
Structural Material Weldox & Posco
Grease System (Hopper Side) Automatic
Hopper Cover Aluminum Sheet
Water Tank MS Plate 4mm
Total 22,120 kg
Boom Specification
Model: KCP42ZX5170
Vertical reach 41.40 M
Horizontal reach 37.40 M
Reach from front of truck 34.70 M
Unfolding height 8.75 M
Section articulation 92⁰/180⁰/230⁰/180⁰/250⁰
Rotation 370⁰
Delivery line 125 mm
Proportional boom Yes
End hose length 3.5 M 3.5 M
Outrigger spread-front 7.82 M
Outrigger spread-rear 9.08 M
Max. Outrigger Weight 27,000 kg
Pump Specification
Model: KCP42ZX5170
Maximum output 120 m³/h
Concrete cylinder Ǿ230 x 2100 mm
Stroke per minute 33
Concrete pressure 87 bar
Hopper capacity 0.6 m³
S-tube Ǿ200 x Ǿ180
Hydraulic pump Rexroth 190 DT
Cycling system Hydraulic with manual overrides
Max. aggregate size 40 mm
Total 33,170 kg




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