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Self Load Transit Mixer (MAX-SLT)

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Salient Features

Capacity: 2.5 m³

  • Machined can be cleaned through as a separate washing line is provided
  • Oil immersed disc brakes for high reliability.
  • High visibility from cabin all around as well as for material loading during batching and while engaging for discharging the contents.
  • All inputs are electronically weighed in order to achieve high concrete quality. All weighments are printable.
  • Articulated shovel with gate for higher accuracy of aggregates and cement.
  • This model has the capability of quick discharge as the tilt angle can be altered as per requirement
  • Very useful equipment whenever small quantities of concrete are to be delivered.
  • Maintenance cost very low
  • 4 wheel drive & 4 wheel steer.
  • Operator friendly, easy to use & easy to maintain.

Technical Specifications

Mixer Unit Drum Volume 3450 liters Capacity 2.5 m3/per batch.(concrete output @ 75 to 80 % of the rated capacity).
Mixing and discharge speeds are independent of engine RPM.
Material Di-charge by drum reversing. Double mixing flights, for emergency unloading.
Engine Kirloskar oil ltd. Model 4R 810 T BS III Water cooled 4 stroke turbo charged diesel engine rating 44.1Kw @ 2400 rpm.
Transmission Hydro-static, Bosch-Rexroth, Heavy duty differential axles with planetary reducers & 4 wheel drive steering.
Speed Working speed from 0 to 10 kms/h road transfer from 0 to 24 kms/h, through Electrical servo control.
Driver Seat ROPS Canopy. Reversible seat with automatic inversion of hydraulic steering circuit.
Chassis Steel profile specially engineered for off-road operations.
Hydraulic System Three independent circuits. Two variable outlet pumps for hydraulic transmission and drum rotation and one pump for services. Inlet and outlet filters. Heat exchanger water/oil type.
Loading Shovel Hydraulic cylinders operated via Joy Stick controls, loading shovel Capacity 600 liters, complete with hydraulic opening gate.
Chute Slewing and hydraulically tilting. Chute is fitted with two pins which are easily detachable to increase the discharge height.
Water System Self contained. Hydraulic driven water pump with water meter & washing outlet.
Gradient Fully loaded 30% ( 16-17 Degree )
Brakes Oil bath disc brakes inside differential axles. Twin independent circuits. Negative hydraulic parking brake.
Tyres Off road industrial tyres 12.5-18 PR 14
Steering Hydraulic 3 way steering.
Electrical 12 volt. 120 ah battery for electrical starter and road lighting.
Tanks Water tank 2 x 430 liters. Diesel : 105 liters. Hydraulic oil : 130 liters.
Weight 6300 kilos equally distributed on both axles.
Electronic Weigh Batching Up to 8 different aggregates can be weighed & batched in addition or subtraction mode with printer facility.

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